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Tommy is an incendiary soloist with an unrivaled passion for guitar. Music explodes out of him when he plays. I’m a big fan, and I love watching his musical evolution.
— Michael Bluestein, keyboardist for Foreigner
Passion+practice+patience+perseverance+networking+attitude. (P4+N+A). That’s my equation for success. You need serious passion to want to practice and get really good at something. You need patience because nothing usually ever happens exactly when you want it you need to persevere to continue arriving at your desired destinations. Then, you need to network and make connections; put yourself out there so good things can come your way through being in the game. Then you have to have a great attitude because you need to be someone people want to be around:-)

Anyone who knows Tommy can say he possesses these qualities. It’s why he’s getting where he wants to go. I’m enjoying watching it all happen for him.
— Greg Richling, Record producer, technology executive,
and former 20 year member of The Wallflowers
Tommy has the gift of obvious natural ability, combined with thought and tons of soul. He plays for you, not at you.
— Michael Landau, session guitarist for James Taylor
I know a great musician when I see and listen to one. Tommy Odetto’s future is one of the brightest of all the musicians that I have photographed over the years.
— Mitchell Glotzer, photographer Blue Note & Uptown Theaters, Napa Valley
It’s his drive and talent that continues to get the young guitarist invited onstage and in the studio with heavyweights.
Guitar Player magazine
Tommy Odetto claims, when he was thirteen years old, I showed him the correct way to play “Sunshine Of Your Love.” I think it’s safe to say he could teach me a thing or two now!
— Johnny Colla, guitarist, saxophonist for Huey Lewis and The News


Tommy Odetto first got the chills from music as a little boy when he came across Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and The Beatles. As Tommy approached his teens, he discovered guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Deeply inspired, he picked up the guitar and never looked back. A few years later Odetto was a semi-finalist for Guitar Center’s King of the Blues. He was also featured in Guitar Player magazine as an artist to watch. After two successful stints with local bands, in 2016 he decided to pursue his dream of being a frontman. 

Since the move to fronting his own band, Tommy has been fortunate to be invited to perform at Bottlerock Napa 2018, and has opened for bands like, Chevy Metal, Tommy Castro, Coco Montoya, Y&T, Walter Trout, Uriah Heep, Ace Frehley, Trainwreck with Kyle Gass (Tenacious D) and Robin Trower to name a few. He is also a regular fill-in for Big Brother and the Holding Company. Now, only two years later, the Marin County native is celebrating his long-awaited sophomore release.

Curses and Revelations is an unapologetic Rock and Roll record with themes of love lost, depression, addiction, recovery, self-discovery, and redemption. Five original melodic hard rock songs that highlight his raw, honest lyrics and peel back the curtain of the heart and mind of Odetto. Curses and Revelations features many standout guitar moments that are so passionate and soulful that it’s as if we are witness to a musical truth serum. Recorded at Studio 606 and produced by John Lousteau and Ethan Turner, this new work touches on everything Odetto loves: Hard Rock, Blues, a 60's Pop mentality, with a Grunge era swagger.